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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this is the real, authentic 'Unlock Reality' eBook?
Very good question. The message in 'Unlock Reality (UR)' puts so much power in your hands that some individuals and organizations have decided for you what was best, so they altered the manuscript and continued to let it circulate with their agenda cleverly snuck in. This website has been endorsed as the only official place to read the latest version (2007) of UR. The manuscript was authored by the ISDT and their website is www.unlockreality.com. We understand that after waiting so long for this sought after manuscript that you may be skeptical this is the real thing. Please visit the ISDT 's own website and you will see a link back to here to purchase the eBook.

What are the specifications of the eBook?
The eBook is 122 pages, just like the original manuscript. It comes packaged in it's own viewer and once you open it up, it is similar to reading a real book. You click from one page to the next and the viewer will remember where you left off when closing the book and re-opening. The entire manuscript is packaged in a 2MB executable file, which should take less than a minute to download over most high-speed Internet connections.

How does the ordering process work?
Once you click submit on our ordering page, you will be taken to PayPal to check out. On their website, you can pay via PayPal if you already have a PayPal account, or you can use your credit card. As soon as your transaction is cleared, we receive instant notification and our system will send you an email with download instructions and a unique username and password to register your copy of UR. Please keep this email handy for future reference.

What do I do if I do not receive my download instructions?
First, please check the receipt you have received from PayPal or log onto your PayPal account and insure that the status of your payment is 'Completed'. If your payment has cleared and you canít find our confirmation email, please check your SPAM folder and spam settings. It is possible that the readunlockreality.com domain may be blocked or your SPAM settings may be too high.
If you have not received this email within 15 minutes of receiving your cleared payment from PayPal, please click here to use our online support wizard to retrieve this information and re-send the email.
If this does not resolve your issue, please send your PayPal receipt to support@readunlockreality.com and we will manually send you your download link and registration information.

What happens if my computer crashes and I lose my eBook?
Please send an email to support@readunlockreality.com once you are up and running again. Tell us your machine crashed and provide the email address you used to purchase your copy of UR.

Why can't I copy my eBook?
Unlock Reality (UR) is intellectual property which is copyrighted and owned by the Individual Self-Discovery Trust. The ISDT has set the price of UR to the equivalent of 1 hours minimum wage work in most places, so it is affordable by almost anyone who has access to the Internet. Due to the nature of the content of UR and it's strong opposition by groups in power, it has become extremely difficult to publish the book in mainstream channels. After many years of hard work to release it, we are proud to offer it to you in electronic format at a more than fair price.

Each time I open a page, it needs to be centered. Can I fix this?
Yes. Since everyone's screen resolotions are different, the size of the viewer software will vary accross platforms. All you need to do is click on the lower right-hand corner of any open page in UR and drag to resize the viewer. Make the viewer slighly larger than the background of UR on the bottom and right sides.

Am I entitled to upgrades when they come out?
Yes. As we make improvements to the UR reading experience, new updates will be available for free. All you will need to do is re-download the same file, at the same link you were provided with in your confirmation email. You will not need to re-register your copy of UR.

I downloaded the eBook onto a Mac, it arrived OK but now it won't work.
Unfortunately our eBook is not supported for the Mac at this time. It will work if you use a PC emulator or an INTEL Mac with dual boot capacity to Windows. VirtualPC and SoftWindows are two emulators that will work.

When are the Mac and Unix versions going to be ready?
Work is in progress on these, but we do not have a projected completion date at this time. To be notified of updates, please join our mailing list here.

I get an Error message that says "Not a Valid Win32 application"
This is because you have not completely downloaded the installation program (your program download was interrupted for some reason), you will need to delete the incomplete install package and download again.
Uninstall by going to your computer's Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs and choose the program that is incomplete by clicking on it once in the list. Once it has been chosen and now displays a "Remove" button in the description, click on Remove.
Once the remove is complete, restart your computer, then re-install UR

I get an Error message that says "This program has caused an error in Windows and is shutting down"
This is also the result of an incomplete download. Please see the solution in the previous question.

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